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Discover Some Examples Of CheckDot Domains

CheckDot can be applied broadly to different domains - our goal: To demonstrate a platform's commitment of transparency to their users.

Smart Contract Audits KYC Audits NFT Trust Indexes Service Trust Analyses High-performance staking
Smart Contracts Risks Rugpulls Insurance Smart Contracts Risks Rugpulls Insurance

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Our verification solutions allow us to engage CDT token holders to validate requests using a guideline then providing non-fungible trust indexes.

Smart Contract Verification

Verification of smart contract audits and certain relevant features and issues a trusted NFT digital certificate.

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Demonstrate Your Commitment Using CheckDot

Each CDT holder can participate in verifications, thus earning CDT's.

How to become a verifier

Insurance Rugpull and smart contract vulnerabilities

Insure any user against projects that seek to steal from you.


CheckDot Blockchain

CheckDot uses micro-transactions of $CDT to verify projects.

Binance smart chain is the main chain in use at the moment.


CheckDot's goal is to create a platform powered by block chain and smart contracts.
  • Checkdot creation
  • Developing the web landing page with the basic informations about the services releasing Checkdot WhitePaper.
  • Creating the web dashboard interface for exposing the services.
  • Preparing the CDT contract to be deployed on the BSC main-net network for the project launch process.
  • Releasing open-source Github all repository of the Checkdot.

  • Deploying CDT token on the BSC main-net network.
  • Preparing the Decentralized Application on the Ropsten network for presenting project services.
  • Assessing the security of the CDT Token contract with QuillAudit.
  • Deploying Pancakeswap pool for the CheckDot Token with the Unicrypt presale.
  • Talking about AMA. Introducing platform services.
  • Deploying the service of smart contract audit verification on the BSC main-net network
  • Token lists on more cryptocurrency exchanges to increase its value and liquidity. It targets five partner exchanges.
  • CheckDot starts reaching out and establishing partnerships with other DeFi projects to integrate its services into their apps.
  • Publication of the decentralized verification version 2.
  • Deploying Staking decentralized application on the BSC main-net network.
  • Deploying the DAO Insurance service on the BSC main-net network.
  • Continue reaching out and establishing partnerships with other DeFi projects to integrate its services into their apps.
  • Develop an NFT marketplace to buy and sell 3d collection objects to promote the project.
  • Preparing bridges for extending the project on multiple chains.

CheckDot Allocations

  • Tokens allocate for Private Sale10% (1 week lockup before Pancakeswap listing)
  • Tokens allocate for Public Sale40%
  • Bounty Rewards5% (1 month lockup)
  • Staking Rewards5% (1 month lockup)
  • Marketing2% (6 months lockup)
  • Team10% (24 months lockup)
  • Network Fees & Future Liquidity Pool1.7327%
  • Treasury4.4% (48 months lockup)
  • Liquidity Pool17.64% (6 months lockup)
  • OTC3.335%
  • Fee ILO Unicrypt0.8%
  • Fee Locks Unicrypt0.0921%

Team and Advisors

Our leadership's expertise has carefully planned the CheckDot project.

  • Jeremy GUYET

    Jeremy GUYET




    CTO - Back-End Software Engineer

  • Frédérick MARINHO

    Frédérick MARINHO


  • Ntshembo Hlongwane

    Ntshembo Hlongwane

    Software Engineer

  • Support Team


    Community Manager


  • Support Team


    Support Team


  • Support Team

    Grzegorz Gierek

    Support Team


  • Support Team


    Chinese Support Team


  • Support Team


    Chinese Support Team


  • Support Team


    Support Team


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