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Discover Some Examples Of CheckDot Domains

CheckDot can be applied broadly to different domains - our goal: To demonstrate a platform's commitment of transparency to their users.

E-Commerce Pre-Verification Opinions E-Document Verification Anonymous Forms Business Verification
Smart Contract Audits KYC Audits NFT Trust Indexes Service Trust Analyses Rare Object Analyses

Explore Our Use Cases

Our verification solutions allow us to engage CDT token holders to validate requests using a guideline then providing non-fungible trust indexes.

Smart Contract Verification

Verification of smart contract audits that deliver a trusted digital certificate.

Demonstrate Your Commitment Using CheckDot

Each CDT holder can participate in verifications, thus earning CDT's.

Business Verification

Verify the authenticity of businesses and services through a certificate of confidence.

CheckDot Blockchain

CheckDot uses micro-transactions of $CDT to verify projects.

Binance smart chain is the main chain in use at the moment.


CheckDot's goal is to create a platform powered by block chain and smart contracts.
  • Checkdot creation
  • Developing the web landing page with the basic informations about the services releasing Checkdot WhitePaper.
  • Creating the web dashboard interface for exposing the services.
  • Preparing the CDT contract to be deployed on the BSC main-net network for the project launch process.
  • Releasing open-source Github all repository of the Checkdot.

  • Deploying CDT token on the BSC main-net network.
  • Preparing the Decentralized Application on the Ropsten network for presenting project services.
  • Assessing the security of the CDT Token contract with QuillAudit.
  • Deploying Pancakeswap pool for the CheckDot Token with the Unicrypt presale.
  • Talking about AMA. Introducing platform services.
  • Deploying the service of smart contract audit verification on the BSC main-net network
  • Token lists on more cryptocurrency exchanges to increase its value and liquidity. It targets five partner exchanges.
  • CheckDot starts reaching out and establishing partnerships with others DeFi projects to integrate its services into their apps.
  • Adding DAO Governance to vote on which new services and updates on the project.
  • Deploying the Business verification service on the BSC main-net network.
  • Deploying Staking decentralized application on the BSC main-net network.
  • Releasing page of NFT trusted Business list.
  • Deployment and publication of the decentralized forms Marketplace on the BSC main network.
  • Production of the application to edit decentralized forms.
  • Deploying Rare object and E-document verification services on the BSC main-net network.
  • Deployment and publication of the decentralized forms Marketplace on the BSC main network.
  • Developing an NFT marketplace for buy and sell verified objects.
  • Preparing bridges for extending the project on multiple chains.

CheckDot Allocations

  • Tokens allocate for Private Sale10% (1 week lockup before Pancakeswap listing)
  • Tokens allocate for Public Sale40%
  • Bounty Rewards5% (1 month lockup)
  • Staking Rewards5% (1 month lockup)
  • Marketing2% (6 months lockup)
  • Team10% (24 months lockup)
  • Network Fees & Future Liquidity Pool1.7327%
  • Treasury4.4% (48 months lockup)
  • Liquidity Pool17.64% (6 months lockup)
  • OTC3.335%
  • Fee ILO Unicrypt0.8%
  • Fee Locks Unicrypt0.0921%

Team and Advisors

Our leadership's expertise has carefully planned the CheckDot project.

  • Jeremy GUYET

    Jeremy GUYET




    CTO - Back-End Software Engineer

  • Frédérick MARINHO

    Frédérick MARINHO


  • Ntshembo Hlongwane

    Ntshembo Hlongwane

    Software Engineer

  • Support Team


    Community Manager


  • Support Team


    Support Team


  • Support Team

    Dee walex

    Support Team


  • Support Team


    Chinese Support Team


  • Support Team


    Chinese Support Team


  • Support Team


    Support Team


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